D29 Nano Liquid Shield – Invisible Screen Protector

$ 19.990

D29 is an INVISIBLE SMART-SCREEN PROTECTOR that is a liquid form, used in many surfaces for smart-screens like mobile phones, tablets, Ipads, laptops, netbooks, camera screens, watches, eyeglasses, etc.


D29 that has the following features & benefits:

SCRATCH RESISTANT: We use a Nano-layer (liquid) that bonds with the surface of your smart-screen, within 5- 12 hours after application that eliminates the need to use the traditional screen protectors. D29 works for all sizes so there is no restriction to the size of the device.

STRONG PROTECTION: We highly recommend that D29 is applied according to our instructions – the curing time has to be MINIMUM of 5 hours to allow for a strong protection layer. Optimum time is 12 hours. We suggest applying STEP 2 on the smart-screen at night before sleeping, and by the morning to buff according to the instructions STEP 3.

BUBBLE FREE: Since the application is a liquid form, there will be no chances of air trapped like traditional screen protectors, so you can enjoy using your device as if it is “ brand”.

EASY TO CLEAN: Our Nano-layer reduces the sticking of oils & grease from fingerprints onto the surface, and it also repels water since it provides a hydrophobic effect due to our protective layer.

Brand : D29
Type : Nano Screen Protectors
Compatible with : All Devices
Supported Screen Size : Free Size


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